Civil & Commercial Litigation

While it is rarely the preferred outcome, litigation is often necessary to resolve commercial or civil disputes. Skillful representation during these disagreements is critical for plaintiffs and defendants who want to maximize the benefits and avoid unnecessary losses and penalties. 

The law firm of Isriel Ponzoli represents its clients as aggressive advocates in both Florida State and Federal Courts. Our associates have experience handling complex commercial disputes as well as other types of litigation, such as: 

  • Business litigation between companies, business partners, and providers
  • Landlord/tenant litigation for property owners and tenants
  • Torts and negligence lawsuits for companies and other defendants 
  • Estate and Probate Litigation
  • Litigation involving real property for plaintiffs and defendants

Given the high costs of litigating disputes, attorneys at Isriel Ponzoli provide personal attention to the firm’s litigation clients while working within each client’s particular litigation budget. To learn more about how we can assist you, discover our civil and commercial legal specialties, read about our team, or schedule your consultation

Focused Attention and Personalized Representation

No two cases are the same. At Isriel Ponzoli, our litigation attorneys understand the importance of understanding each client’s unique situation to provide skillful, well-rounded representation. We work closely with our clients in commercial and civil litigation to ensure we advocate for them and their best interests and the best results. 

This focused attention allows our Miami trial lawyers to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. 

Decades of Litigation Experience

In both civil and commercial litigation, experience is crucial to securing positive outcomes from a case. At Isriel Ponzoli, our associates have decades of experience in Florida and Federal courts. Our Miami trial lawyers understand the state and federal laws and procedures by which these courts abide, allowing them to effectively represent a wide variety of clients. 

We put our experience to work on our clients’ behalves. In combination with their dedication to personalized attention, our associates’ familiarity with federal and state litigation in both commercial and civil matters allows them to represent clients and efficiently pursue their preferred outcomes. 

Discuss Your Needs With Experienced Florida Litigators Today

When litigation is a concern, there is no time to delay. Consulting with an attorney familiar with Florida’s civil and commercial courts is essential to building your case and pursuing your preferred outcome. If you would like to consult with one of our skilled civil or commercial litigation attorneys, we encourage you to reach out. You may call our Miami office at (305) 577-4800 or email us to schedule your consultation and discuss how we can represent you in your case.