Real Estate & Property Law

The Florida real estate market is renowned for the speed at which properties enter and leave the market. Everyone participating in real estate sales benefits from working with experienced, efficient partners to keep this process moving forward.

At Isriel Ponzoli, our lawyers bring experience and diverse business contacts to our real estate clients. With experience representing developers, lenders, investors, real estate management companies, real estate brokers, and homeowners, our attorneys are able to assist clients in all aspects of real property law, finance, and real property transactions. Discover how Isriel Ponzoli’s bespoke real estate legal services can streamline the demands of real estate by scheduling your consultation.

The Advantage of Years of Real Estate Experience

Isriel Ponzoli has been providing skilled legal services to professionals within the real estate industry for years. We have had extensive experience representing the following professionals in a variety of claims:

  • Commercial landlords
  • Industrial warehouse parks
  • Condominiums

Our expert trial attorneys provide quality legal representation in real estate disputes, pursuing the best possible outcome in landlord-tenant and construction disputes.

We also provide management and business counsel for property owners and managers, relying on our deep familiarity with business and commercial law to guide our clients through the complex and ever-changing legal landscape surrounding property ownership.

Benefit From Strong Real Estate Partnerships

At Isriel Ponzoli, we pride ourselves on building strong partnerships within the community to provide our clients with comprehensive legal counsel and representation. Our firm provides real estate title insurance and closing services to homebuyers, sellers, and lenders through Old Republic National Title. Our Florida real estate attorneys work with Old Republic to efficiently and effectively manage critical tasks for real estate transactions, such as:

  • Drafting new titles according to the terms of the purchase
  • Transferring property titles
  • Preparing deeds for transfers and transactions
  • Managing Florida closing services for commercial and residential real estate
  • Performing escrow services

We dedicate the necessary time and resources to every task to ensure we provide accurate and timely results to our clients. We aim to prevent unnecessary delays or denials during time-sensitive transactions through efficient and professional legal counsel.

Consult With Experienced Florida Real Estate and Property Law Attorneys

The demands of real estate transactions require precise and timely assistance from experienced real estate and property law attorneys. At Isriel Ponzoli, we are dedicated to providing our clients with bespoke real estate legal services that allow them to accomplish their goals in one of the most competitive markets in the country.

If you would like to consult with one of our Florida real estate attorneys, we encourage you to reach out. You may call our Miami office at (305) 577-4800 or email us to schedule your consultation and discuss how we can support your real estate needs.