Family Law

Family is about the people you love, but it is also a matter of legal relationships. Sensitive changes to legal familial relationships can affect every other aspect of your life. For that reason, it is critical to work with proven family law attorneys before making changes in your family.

Isriel Ponzoli’s attorneys are dedicated to providing clients with the best possible outcome from their family legal matters. Our associates have experience in assisting clients with the following:

  • Divorce
  • Child Support and Visitation
  • Adoptions
  • Name Changes
  • Guardianships 

Our lawyers also represent clients in a variety of other family matters, such as prenuptial agreements. We are focused on offering comprehensive, personalized legal counsel in family matters of all kinds, from drafting legal documents to litigating disputes. Discover how the team at Isriel Ponzoli can assist with your Florida family matter by scheduling your consultation today.

Comprehensive Family Law Services in Miami-Dade County

Family law matters are often intertwined with other elements of your life. Divorce affects more than your relationship; it also impacts your children, your business, your finances, and your estate plans. That is why expert legal counsel makes such a difference. 

At Isriel Ponzoli, we provide quality representation in divorces and other family law concerns because of our broad range of expertise. Our Miami-Dade County divorce lawyers have the skills and knowledge to guide you through your high-net-worth divorce in Florida, regardless of the legal, commercial, or financial complications that may be involved. 

For example, if you are divorcing with a business in Florida, our associates have the expertise to help you protect your company and maintain operations despite any changes in ownership. When your divorce is finalized, we can assist you with adjusting your estate plans and managing the transfer of real property as well. 

Accomplished Legal Counsel in High-Net-Worth Family Matters

Individuals with high net worth often see particular benefits from working with skilled family law attorneys. Matters such as child support and asset division are frequently complicated by significant assets. The attorneys at Isriel Ponzoli are prepared to offer legal counsel to clients going through a high-net-worth divorce in Florida and ensure they achieve the best possible outcome. 

Consult With Experienced Florida Family Law Attorneys

You do not need to manage family legal matters alone. Isriel Ponzoli offers personalized representation and counsel to families in Miami-Dade County and around Southern Florida in family law concerns. We are prepared to assist you with all the legal complexities of changing your family’s structure so you have time to focus on the people who matter most.

If you would like to consult with one of our proven family law attorneys, we encourage you to reach out. You may call our Miami office at (305) 577-4800 or email us to schedule your consultation and discuss how we can address your needs.